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Sitecore social connected Invalid Scopes: user_interests

12/11/2015 Leave a comment

I’ve set my self the task to have a go at the social connected, which I never really had a look at before.

So I’ve set it up a clean sitecore 8.1 and included the Facebook login in a MVC rendering and everything is working fine, except when trying to login on facebook, then I was shown an error See image below

The fix is pretty simple, fields that are pulled out of Facebook is configured in /app_config/include/Social/Sitecore.Social.ProfileMapping.Facebook.config and for the error i got it was the interest field that did’t exist in my user profile or had been renamed, but commenting out the field made, se below,e the error go away. the downside is that facebook interest isn’t mappen to contact details.


<!-- The interests listed on the user's profile. -->
<field enabled="true" originalKey="" sitecoreKey="fb_interests" permission="user_interests" access="/me/interests" text="Interests" /> 

I have to say my first impression of the module is it an great module easy to use and easy top configure, and can add a lot of value to any Sitecore solution

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