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Adding captcha “Recaptcha Umbraco Blog”

22/01/2010 Leave a comment

So after i my self got spammed by a lot of robots on my blog i browsed the internet to find an easy way to add captcha for the comment part of my blog.

So i found the easiest way to do was using recaptcha, which can be found here So before we start head over there and create an account.

Step 1:

Create account

Step 2:

Download the .Net package containing the recaptcha.dll

Step 3:

Download from you site frmBlogComment.ascx placed in siteroot/usercontrols


Edit frmBlogComment.ascx

add the following lines

These lines should be right after the “control tag” “<%@ Control …… %>”

Futher down you can now add the recaptcha usercontrol


ofcourse with your privatekey and publickey..

Step 5:

Upload recaptcha.dll to your webroot/bin

Upload the newly edited  frmBlogComment.ascx to you webroot/usercontrols/

And you should be all done and no more bots should spam your blog I hope.

This post is for them that dont want to recompile umbraco, it would be a much better solution to add an reference to the recaptcha.dll

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