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Adding two usefull Shortcuts to the Sitecore startmenu

31/10/2013 Leave a comment

In my day to day work with Sitecore i often have to change Database context to either Core or Web, and using the Database selector is of course, quickly becomes irritating and cumbersome. Then you one could create  a custom command that open the content editor with the parameters “sc_lang=*Database*”. But in this post i will show how you can get the same two shortcuts without writing any code.

First you need to go to the core database, and navigate to the this folder:

“/sitecore/content/Documents and settings/All users/Start menu/Left”

Duplicate the link “Content Editor” Name it something meaningful fx. “Web Content Editor”

In the Parameters field add the following “&sc_content=web” for the web database and “&sc_content=core” for the core database. See example image below.

30-10-2013 22-46-38


Now go back to the Master database and see the two new shortcuts in the startmenu. Now with these two shortcuts it is really easy to switch between the databases

30-10-2013 22-46-09

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