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Unit testing in Sitecore 8.2

Sitecore has done a great job but abstracting a lot and marking a lot of methods as Virtual, take the Datbase class for instance it is now abstract class, and implement in the DefaultDatabase Also all methods in the Item class is now marked virtual. I must say I think It is great way Sitcore is heading, and they are doing great but allowing developers easly testing the code by taking the framework in this direction.

Ok,  but before I could also test using Microsoft Fakes, yes and there is Sitecore FakeDB, and also there was the old Framework I created myself Sitecore.Fakes, which didn’t work with sitecore 7+ because the Database contructer was made internal,  but now working again in 8.2, the latter two Framworks (Sitecore FAkeDB and Sitecore.Fakes) required additional setup in a App.config along with a license file in your Test project  With the changes mention before this is no longer required ..  I’ve updated the Sitecore.Fakes found here https://github.com/istern/Sitecore-Fakes the solution contains examples of how to test with this Framework, a simple example is given below.


public void NewFakeItemDefaultNameShouldBeFakeItem()


var fake = new FakeItem();



Note I’ve trimmed the framework a lot, ie. removed functionality that will be rewritten., so it is no longer as feature rich as before but now working J, also it is by fare not as feature rich as Sitecore FakeDB.

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